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This gorgeous adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery‘s classic children’s story is well worth watching with the whole family.

Relive the adventures of Anne Shirley, an impetuous orphan whose personality is just as hot as her red hair, who is adopted by the Cuthbert siblings from Green Gables, in Avonlea. Incredible acting by Megan Follows, Collen Dewhurst, and Richard Farnsworth.

Anne of Green Gables 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition
Anne of Green Gables 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables DVD
Anne of Green Gables : The Sequel
Anne of Green Gables – The Sequel
Anne of Green Gables : The Continuing Story
Anne of Green Gables – The Continuing Story

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10 best Anne of Green Gables gift ideas

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Are you a looking for a present for a fan of Anne Shirley or Lucy Maud Montgomery? Whether is it for yourself or as a present for a beloved friend or family member, these fun items are always a hit. And if you thought that books summarized it all, you are certainly in the wrong! There are tons of items available from anybody who loves Anne and her adorable house in P.E.I.

1) Anne of Green Gables DVD: The Collection
2) The Complete Anne of Green Gables: 8 Books Boxed Set
3) Anne of Green Gables, 100th Anniversary Edition in Hardcover
4) Anne of Green Gables DVD & The Sequel
5) Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings (Hardcover)
6) The Ultimate AoGG DVD Trivia Game
7) The Annotated Anne of Green Gables (Hardcover)
8) The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Vol. 1: 1889-1910 (Paperback)
9) AoGG – 2010 Mini Wall Calendar
10) Anne – Journey to Green Gables (2004)

Anne-of-Green-Gables-20th-Anniversary-Collectors-EditionIf you liked the Anne series from Lucy M. Montgomery, chances are that you will love the delightful Canadian miniseries from Kevin Sullivan. The series is amazing, especially the first movie of the trilogy which is worth 5 stars all by itself. This is a classic adaption of the beloved novel and every fan of AoGG should pick up the collectors edition. This collector’s edition includes not only the trilogy (AoGG, Anne… The Sequel, and Anne… The Continuing story), but two extra DVDs featuring 2 documentaries with cast and crew interviews, several missing scenes and lost footage, and the episode that was omitted from the original aired series (probably because it was too sad!!) “Marilla Cuthbert’s Death.” Even if you already have the AoGG version taped on VHS, it is worth buying the complete trilogy collector’s edition just because it is totally worth the additional expenditure.

The complete box set of AoGG is a MUST-HAVE. It is imperative for any Anne fan to own one of these. The 8 volumes series is an unforgettable is probably one of the most enjoyable children’s literature of all time available. This series of books goes through the life of Anne Shirley, an imaginative red-haired orphan adopted by siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert from Green Gables, in Avonlea. You will live her adventures from her early teens, when she first arrives in Avonlea, goes through her adult life and the last book tells the story of her daughter, Rilla. The complete collection include the 8 popular volumes “Anne of Green Gables”, “Anne of the Island”, “Anne of Avonlea”, “Anne of Windy Poplars”, “Anne’s House of Dreams”, “Anne of Ingleside”, “Rainbow Valley”, “Rilla of Ingleside.

If you are looking for a real classic, the 100th Anniversary Edition is what you are looking for : the republished original work, including the original cover art of the beloved book from LMM. Interestingly, this original republished version also contains the typos and the obvious lack of proofreading the book suffered from the fact that publishers did not expect in any way the book to do so well. However, this is not a book for kids (you probably don’t want them to read the typos!), but rather a great book for a fan or a collector. So maybe this Christmas, treat yourself or someone you love with this glimpse of the real Anne’s first publication from 100 years ago!

dvd 1 and 2.
Because some people did not care for the last movie of the trilogy (Anne… The Continuing Story), which received mixed reviews. AoGG DVD (1986) & its Sequel are, however, two must-have DVDs in you DVD collection.


Lucy Maud Montgomery- The Gift of WingsIf you are a big fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery and her novels, make sure to buy a copy of “Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings” by Mary Rubio. This biography is probably one of the best biography written about LLM, including Lucy’s own journal. And this is no surprise as Mary Rubio, a well-known scholar, has spent over two decades researching Montgomery’s life. “Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings” is a comprehensive and penetrating picture of the Canadian literary icon.

Anne of Green Gables triviaIf you think you know all about AoGG, why don’t you test your knowledge with the The Ultimate AoGG DVD Trivia Game challenge? This video game trivia is a fun game to own and to share over a get together with some girlfriends or with your kids. All you need to play is a DVD player, a pen and great spirit!

AoGG – 2010 Mini Wall Calendar. Fun with amazing PEI photographies.

annotedIf you are contemplating the idea of visiting Prince-Edward-Island, “The Annotated AoGG” is a must read. This great books features tons of interesting footnotes depicting pretty much all of the literary reference and allusion, including the people and different places. Songs, stories, poems, geography, pretty much everything is referred to in the book is annotated. The book is not only about scholarly demonstration, but is also great to bring the understanding of PEI to a new level. Learn where you can find the “Lovers Lane” or the “Lake of Shinning Waters” and make your trip to PEI and unforgettable trip.

The Selected Journals of LMMLooking for a fascinating look into Lucy Maud Montgomery’s early years? Then pick up “The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery”. This book is followed by two other great volumes. As an Anne fan, LMM’s journal will give even more depth to the character of AoGG as well as the author herself. The book gives an insightful journey into the author’s life and her work. Love life, her feelings about her books, you will simply no be able to put the book down until you read the very last page.

Anne of Green Gables the animated vol.3The cartoon Anne – Journey to Green Gables is a prequel to the so well-known movies from Kevin Sulllivan. In this movie, Anne Shirley dreams of a real family. You will find out what lead to Anne moving to Green Gables. This movie was made mainly for kids, but adults will love it just as much!

And oh, a last gift idea but certainly not the least, a trip to P.E.I. to visit Green Gables!

Happy shopping! – The Authors of

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Anne of Green Gables DVD – Megan Follows, Richard Farnsworth, Colleen Dewhurst

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Anne of Green Gables DVD, outstanding performances by Megan Follows, Richard Farnsworth and Colleen Dewhurst

Anne of Green Gables DVDAnne of Green Gables DVD, the first movie
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Own the Anne of Green Gables DVD now. This amazing movie is an adaptation of Canadians beloved novel, Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This classic kid’s story has been prized by children from all around the world. This adaption, produce for Canadian television, is a rare finding. It sticks to the book and is even enhanced by the first-class interpretation by its actors. Anne of Green Gables DVD is great to be rewatched, or to be watched for the first time. Set in rural Prince Edward Island in the late 19th century, Anne of Green Gables DVD narrates the story of Anne Shirley, a creative, willful and determined orphan. She is sent by mistake to Green Gables, where Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert, two siblings, decide were expecting an orphan boy to help Matthew work the farm. “What use is she to us?” grumbles the blunt Marilla. “We might be of some use to her,” answers the soft Matthew, who instantly took liking to the blabby Anne Shirley. Anne grows up to live funny and moving adventures and is a delight to watch. Grow with Anne, whose hot temper matches her red hair, as she developed great relationships with her bosom friend, Diana Barry, and her admirer–the smart Gilbert Blythe– dyes her hair “black”, brakes a slate over Gil’s head after he pulls her tread and calls her “Carrots“. Richard Farnsworth plays the perfect shy and gentle bachelor Matthew. Colleen Dewhurst delivers a strong performance in the role of Marilla, an apparently cold-hearted single women who doesn’t believe in nonsense. And of course, the outstanding performance of Megan Follows, who strikes the perfect note as Anne Shirley maturing from freckle-faced young orphan girl to a fine and assertive woman.

The second Anne of Green Gables DVD, a great sequel

Anne of Green Gables Sequel DVDAnne of Green Gables DVD : The Sequel (Anne of Avonlea)
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Renew with Anne Shirley, in this sequel to the cherished kid’s book and first Anne of Green Gables DVD. This is a continuation to the first DVD. Anne Shirley, an imaginative and headstrong young orphan, previously adopted by the Cuthbert siblings, has now grown to be an elegant young women. The sequel, also known as Anne of Avonlea, is set in Avonlea, and narrate Anne’s story soon after Matthew’s death. Anne has just graduated from college and struggles to balance her career, aspiration, love life and and her concerns for an older Marilla. Find Anne as she moves away on the mainland and becomes an English teacher in a private school. This Anne of Green Gables DVD is filled with parent-children theme and gives a very realistic portrait of the situtation for women in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. Will Anne find the love of her life? Will she dedicate her life to her career? Fine performances by Megan Follows and Collen Dewhurst.

The Continuing Story – Anne of Green Gables DVD, a mature Anne Shirley

Anne of Green Gables Continuing Story DVDAnne of Green Gables DVD : The Continuing story
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Produced and filmed several years later, the continuing story jumps into World War I. This movie, to the disappointment of many, diverge from the Lucy Maud Montgomery books. Instead of marrying Gil after teaching, in this movie, the couple quickly marries as Gil goes to France to fight the enemy. The spontaneous Anne Shirley decided to join the Red Cross to find her beloved one. Although the movie does not follow any book, the effusive romance remain intact through this new story. Great performances by Megan Follows (Anne Shirley) and Jonathan Crombie (Gilbert Blythe).

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greengables-littleAnne of Green Gables DVDgreengables-little

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