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Anne of Green Gables : the story

Thursday, 4. June 2009 23:30

Anne and gilbert cartoon

The story takes place at the beginning of the last century. Marilla Cuthbert and her brother Matthew Cuthbert from Green Gables live in Avonlea on Prince Edward Island. Getting too old, they decide to adopt a boy to relieve Matthew of some of the farm chores. However, when Matthew arrives at the train station, the only person waiting for him is Anne Shirley, a young red hair orphan. The child shows to be resourceful, bright and intelligent. Anne also has a great sensitivity and a limitless imagination.  The young orphan will conquer the hearts of the timid Matthew and the strict Marilla and soon makes her place in Avonlea.

The story follows the life of a romantic and imaginative Anne Shirley, her adventures with her best friend Diana Barry, her bicker and love story with her classmate Gilbert Blythe and much more.

Anne of Green Gables is a story full of charm, poetry, simplicity. Why does the story appeal to so many young girls and women? Perhaps it is Anne gift to recognize a bit of good in every person. Maybe it is Anne ability to see a special something in everything she lays her eyes on, her ways of describing a tree, a small valley covered with flowers, a delightful alley shaded by trees. Or is it the overall Anne “joie de vivre”. The story is also parsed with humor and picttoresque surprises, descriptions and images of the beautiful landscapes in Prince Edward Island.

Either you are reaching for the wonderful books by Lucy Maud Montgomery or for the screen adaptation Anne of Green Gables DVD, the story is a great discovery and will move you.


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Other great items

Thursday, 4. June 2009 8:11

japanese stamps anne of green gables

Because of its immense popularity, the adapted version of Anne of Green Gables by Kevin Sullivan, tons of other items were added to the collection Among them, a soundtrack CD, a calendar and even a trivia game! The trivia game is fun and will remind you of when you and your friends used to watch this cute and romantic series, holding a big box of tissues!

soundtrackAnne: Anne of Green Gables Soundtrack for $9.99
And for the audio fans, you can also get a hold of the incredible soundtrack cd. This orchestral soundtrack is probably one of the most beautiful things your ears will have ever heard! The soundtrack will bring you to a range of emotions, from love, to anger, to sadness, to happiness as you remember the different parts of the movie. And for people who have not seen the movies, you will find the soundtrack a delight as well. The music is gentle and very heart touching.  The soundtrack will talk to you and your feeling, whether you have seen the movie or not. You will enjoy the quality of the sweet and memorable melodies. For people who have seen the movie, you will want the rewatch instantly. And for those who haven’t seen the movie, you will probably want to see the movie just to find out what amazing movie could have lead to such a poignant soundtrack. For any Anne of Green Gables DVD fans, this is probably one of the best purchase you will do and it will not disappoint you. The melody is so soft you can also have your baby or child fall asleep on it.

For all the fans of miss Shirley, this is the perfect gift to yourself. Listening to the music, you will find yourself dreaming about every bits of the movie, and find yourself at that exact moment where Gilbert Blythe got his heart broken by Anne Shirley, when Matthew Cuthbert passes away or the delight moment where Anne kisses… well you know! An absolute yes for everyone who have watched Anne of Green Gables over and over again.

For the hardcore nostalgic, a VHS version of the series is also available.

BBC created a mini-series in 6 parts in 1975,”Anne of Avonlea”, which is an adaptation of the book “Anne of Avonlea” and “Anne of the Island” by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The first book, “Anne of Green Gables” was adapted in 1972 in a 5-part mini-serie. The production stars are Kim Braden as Anne Shirley, Barbara Hamilton as Marilla Cuthbert, Jan Francis as Diana Barry, and Christopher Blake as Gilbert Blythe. The director of the movie is Joan Craft, who also did “Jane Eyre” and “David Copperfield”.

other-anne-of-avonlea-movie-with-kim-bradenThe 1975 BBC adaptation of Anne of Avonlea with Kim Braden for $26.99
If you are looking for another adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery most famous book, the BBC adaptation is more true to the books. The BBC version goes in details and follow more scrupulously the books. story Scroll down to find what you are looking for! The first 5-part mini-serie is unfortunately not available yet. So fan of the BBC adaptation, keep your fingers crossed for a released of the first part soon!

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