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Timeless movie you and your family will love.
This is a charming mini series. The Anne of Green Gables DVD will enchant your whole family, including the non romantic ones. The story: End of the 19th century. Anne Shirley is a young orphan, 10 years of age, who is adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, two siblings who live in Green Gables. Anne Shirley is a red hair girl, full of spirit and drive, who has a rich imagination. Her high sense of creativity and overflowing imagination bring her to live fun adventures and brings lots of turmoils to the people around her, in the village of Avonlea. Despite all her best intentions, Anne seems to always find herself in trouble. Most of the story involves Anne, her new best friend, Diana, and, of course, the handsome Gilbert Blythe with whom Anne has a very tumultuous relationship.

Young like old, boy like girls will be impressed with this film. This movie, adapted from the famous novel from Lucy Maud Montgomery is beautiful movie, both for the quality of the production and the details brought to every aspect of the movie. The movie is absolutely beautiful, the landscapes are a real delight and the details put in the setting and the costumes are remarkable.

The actors are a great fit with the characters they play and Megan Follow, who plays Anne Shirley and was 16 years old when they filmed the movie is outstanding. She plays this dreamy, smart and talkative little girl with lots of talent.

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Date: Thursday, 8. October 2009 18:59
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