Anne of Green Gables DVD : customer review 3

Review 3
Simply love the series and the DVD!

I recorded this mini-series on my VHS years ago… I am so glad I bought the DVD version as the quality is so much better! My VHS version has some cuts because of the commercials, and I did missed of few seconds there and there, when I wasn’t ready to record when the commercials where over LOL. I haven’t watched Anne of Green Gables of Anne Shirley in years, but when I watched it, wow, it really touched my heart, as if I was watching the movie for the first time again! And you just can’t not fall in love with Gilbert Blythe (or re-fall in love in my situation). Jonathan Crombie and Megan Follows just make such a cute couple! And that KISSSS… Sorry for the spoiler!! =)

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Date: Thursday, 8. October 2009 19:10
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