Anne of Green Gables DVD set : customer’s review

I Purchased Anne of Green Gables DVD set… and loved it!

I just purchased the AoGG DVD set (AoGG + Anne of Avonlea) for my daughter… and for myself!! I myself am a big fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books. I have every single book from the Anne series, from AoGG to Rilla of Ingleside. I have read the books … gosh several decades ago. I remember when I first discovered the book, going to the library and devouring those books days and night. When I first saw the movie… well I simply fell in love with everything. Kevin Sullivan did such a good job for the first 2 movies (AoGG and Anne of Avonlea). The cast was amazing and wonderfully played their character. My favorite character has to be Anne Shirley (played by Megan Follow) for sure! The settings and the costumes were in the movies were also wonderful. Although the DVDs do not exactly followed the story from the books (it’s a compilation of the book), I think they really preserved the essence of the story and recreate the magic and the dreamy flavor of the book. is the place to go for more information about AoGG DVD set.

Date: Friday, 15. October 2010 8:42
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