Anne of Green Gables DVD : The Continuing Story customer’s review

AoGG dvd, The Continuing Story : B-
This last movie was not horribly bad as other people said, but it does pale greatly in comparison with the first two. The continuing story was made in 2000 and people had extremely high expectations. I would have to say that out of the three movies (AoGG, Anne of Avonlea, The continuing story), AoGG:The continuing story is far the movie I liked the least. I would not say that it was a total flop , but my expectations were way higher. The quality of the story certainly does not compare with the first two movies. First, the movie does not follow any story from the books. I believe was based after Rilla of Ingleside, but certainly doesn’t reflect the book at all. Second, The Continuing Story doesn’t have that romantic/dreamy/poetic side the first two movies have. Third, the movie takes place in a totally different setting, during World War One, which is the setting of Rilla of Ingleside. The story does fall a little bit flat and the writers seem to have lost the essence of who is Anne Shirley. I would say that out of AoGG context, this is an okay movie, but taking in account that this movie is supposed to be the continuing story, it really takes out a lot of what made us love Anne. While I would give both AoGG and Anne of Avonlea A++++, I give the last DVD a B-, because, despite of the story being not great, we still love Megan Follows. The first two movies left me with a warm feeling in my heart, and the last dvd, I’m afraid, left me somewhat cold.

Conclusion : Anne of Green Gables DVD, big yes to the first ones, the third one only for the ones who can keep their expectations low!

Date: Friday, 23. October 2009 7:44
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