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Anne of Green Gables movie – a remarkable dvd

Sunday, 31. October 2010 13:04

Fall in love with the Anne of Green Gables movie, by Kevin Sullivan

Anne of Green Gables movie

This post refers to the Kevin Sullivan production.

Anne of Green Gables movie – available on DVD

Distributed in over 80 countries, the Anne of Green Gables movie/miniseries won many prestigious awards, AoGG is one of the cult series that won the heart of millions of viewers around the world and is a classic adaptation of the beloved novels written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908. The story find itself a second wind in this screen adapted version. Over 20 years after it initially aired, this Anne of Green Gables movie and miniseries by Kevin Sullivan still win the hearts of many girls and women.

Anne of Green Gables movie and its sequel

Both the first movie and its sequel offer 8 one-hour episodes featuring a brilliant Megan Follows in the role of Anne Shirley. This dreamy orphan, brash and talkative, quickly wins the affection of the verystrong-minded and independent Marilla (Colleen Dewhurst) and her reserved brother, Matthew Cuthbert (Richard Farnsworth). Their house located in Avonlea, a small village in the province of Prince Edward Island in Canada, becomes the cradle of a long history of love.

The DVD version of AoGG casts bios, previews of the other “Anne” works by Sullivan films, and some of the movies in production.

Also, the key charms of the DVD version are the following: First, the DVD offers the actual audition of Megan Follows for the part of Anne Shirley. You will be fascinated by her debuts and first attempts at “nailing” the character of Anne Shirley, the considerable changes in Megan Follows’ performance, but also her overall natural talent. Then, the DVD  contains precious cut scenes, such as those with the wife of Reverend Allen. Third, Kevin Sullivan and the film’s director give their “Directors Commentary”. You find out that where most scenes were actually filmed: mostly in Ontario and some scenes on Prince Edward Island), that many of the actors would play different time periods in the movie in a same day (Megan Follows could be playing a 16 years old Anne Shirley in the morning and a 12 years old Anne Shirley later in the afternoon), and many other funny stories and bloopers.

The special features also shows another other side of Kevin Sullivan: he sometimes seems surprised by the fans adoration for some special scenes. For example, Sullivan does not understand why the episode where Anne thanks Matthew for the puffed sleeves dress. is such a big deal (…) Nevertheless, it is amazing to see Kevin Sullivan ability to capture the essence of that fierced red hair girl through Megan Follows, as well as  the rest of the cast Jonathan Crombie (Gilbert Blythe), Colleen Dewhurst (Marilla Cuthbert), Richard Farnsworth (Matthew Cuthbert) and Schuyler Grant (Diana Barry).

So whether you already have a videotaped version of the miniseries or not, make sure  to pick up the Anne of Green Gables movie on DVD as you will find your new expenditure worth every penny.

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